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Stellarium android download free apk

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by john android

This is a great first stab at getting the fantastic desktop software to Android. Please make the font size adjustable or at least a little larger. I can’t hold the phone still enough to read star and constellation labels. You have to be sure you have all apps closed before running this or it won’t run.It takes a lot of memory to run.I found that out in a hurry lol. When I close other apps it works great.

Stellarium Mobile v1.0.2
Requirements: Android 2.2, OpenGLES2, GPS and Magnetometer Optional
Overview:A realistic Stellarium which uses OpenGLES2.

This is a porting to Android of Stellarium, available on PC/mac etc. It has been tested on Archos 80G9, Samsung S, Samsung Next. Maybe it does not work on Samsung Note, Samsung S2.

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Been waiting for this app for a while and it delivers all I was hoping for and more, as an experienced user of the desktop version, this does exactly what I hoped it would. Well done developers! I love this software soo much! Ive been using it for years on my computers and its never failed me. Works great on my android too! Samsung Galaxy Nexus. One of the best!

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